Strategic negotiation

Strategic negotiation

We manage strategic negotiations from start to end, generating savings, improving commercial conditions, looking for long-term alliances with the selected suppliers, respecting the business rules, contributing experience and proven purchase methodologies.


We guarantee the transparency, traceability, efficacy, equality, economy and impartiality of our processes.


We provide a comprehensive service that allows our clients to define, through strategic supply methodologies, what types of products and services can be negotiated by means of our processes.

Electronic negotiations and reverse auctions

What are they?

They are negotiation processes in which we use negotiation methodologies based on eSourcing tools in order to ensure the best results for the process.


We conduct negotiations following electronic reverse auction methodologies, direct negotiations, round-based negotiations, etc.


This methodology should be used for the types of goods or services that are fundamental to achieve the general management objectives and indicators of the purchase department, which must be aligned with the corporate strategy.

Comprehensive assessment of offers

  • The economic offers of the suppliers can be affected in real time and in a transparent way by other aspects apart from the price (service, seriousness, technical quality, payment conditions, seniority, etc.)
  • Suppliers can or cannot be aware of these factors, along with their rating criteria.

Benefits of the strategic negotiations

Companies from diverse sectors both locally and internationally have conducted negotiations using the Strategic Negotiation methodology, generating thus benefits such as the following:

  • Economy: they allow getting better prices. Average savings ranging from 10% to 20% in relation to the purchase prices.
  • Equality: actual recognition of every supplier in terms of the comprehensiveness (factors) of their offer.
  • Greater competition among the suppliers. It promotes a large turnout of bidders because, by conducting an on-line auction, suppliers from any region across the country can participate without additional costs.
  • Lower offer assessment times.
  • Strengthening of the  transparency in the procurement processes for the suppliers and the diverse control authorities.
  • Greater efficiency  in the procurement process, decreasing the process times up to 20%.

Products and services negotiated

  • Computer equipment (PCs, servers, etc.)
  • Medications, surgical materials, oxygen
  • Pre-printed stationery
  • Advertising materials (POP)
  • Packaging and wrapping materials
  • Financial services (short and long-term credits or loans)
  • Electric generators
  • Pallets
  • Material Trade Marketing
  • Corrugated and foldable cardboard
  • Personal protection elements
  • Security and surveillance services and devices
  • Hardware
  • Chemicals
  • Food services
  • Leasing services (technology, machinery, etc.)
  • Cleaning and catering services
  • Transportation services
  • Wiring
  • Office supplies (stationery, cleaning and lunchroom)
  • Uniforms (staff supplies)
  • Fertilizers
  • Environmental measurement services
  • Boarding bridges
  • Conveyor belts
  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Among other…

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