With 10 years of experience providing services for the purchase departments of companies from diverse sectors. We develop and operate processes that generate savings, improve profitability, respect the business rules, incorporate state-of-the-art technology, contribute efficiency, and generate value at lower costs for companies from diverse sectors across Latin America.

Our Experience

Our experience is the product of our thorough work throughout the years for and with our clients in different sectors of the economy, where our strategic management process knowledge merges with the needs of each one of them to obtain flexible and customized solutions, adapt ourselves to the organizational policies, and operate the processes under high service levels that have a positive impact on the performance, the efficiency and the generation of savings within their sales departments.


We provide procurement outsourcing services that deliver, among other benefits, cost reduction solutions, improvements to the agreed conditions, efficiency improvements in the processes, and operation specialization.


  • It’s not only savings from the negotiation, the application of a clear, transparent and level-headed methodology is what ensures efficient and lasting relations with the suppliers. That is Center Group’s actual added value. Outsourcing part of our purchase processes was very beneficial for being able to focus our efforts on other tasks. Besides, Center Group’s experience in this type of processes shed a new light for us on how to become a more strategic department within the company.


    Social company of the Government

  • This methodology is consistent with the good governance and transparency policies of the Municipal Administration and it is efficient in terms of resource management. The idea is to revert this surplus to the community and into the institutional needs in order to continue providing a high-quality service.

    Ricardo Sarmiento

    Corporate purchase coordinator

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