Our experience is the product of our thorough work throughout the years for and with our clients in different sectors of the economy, where our strategic management process knowledge merges with the needs of each one of them to obtain flexible and customized solutions, adapt ourselves to the organizational policies, and operate the processes under high service levels that have a positive impact on the performance, the efficiency and the generation of savings within their sales departments.

Health sector

Clinics, hospitals, health care service providers, health care promoters and laboratories are among our current clients, and they have found benefits reflected in significant savings in diverse strategic purchase categories.

Mining and energy sector

Multinational oil companies, gas marketers, companies that provide services to the oil sector and companies from the electric power generation, transmission, marketing and distribution sector hire our services to achieve operational efficiency in their transactions and generate savings.

Public sector

We provide comprehensive consulting and support services to government institutions in their purchase processes, guaranteeing the principles of transparency, contractual fairness, equality, economy and responsibility, which are fundamental pillars in all our processes.

Industrial and service sector

Multinational tobacco corporations and companies from the food, sanitation, transportation, automobile, retail, construction, agriculture and livestock, and telecommunications industries, among other, use our services to achieve their organizational goals, including their purchase departments as a strategic part of their productive activities.

Other sectors

Proven experience in consulting on and operation of different purchase processes.

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